The Uk Government Supported & Funded British Exporters more than £12 Billion Last Year.


Now It’s Our Job To Help Your Company Access That Help!

With global trade experiencing a period of immense turbulence and the trade finance gap at an all-time high, many exporters and importers – particularly small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – are struggling to access the funding they need to support and grow their businesses.

The British government has become more driven to promote foreign commerce through the Export Credit Agency (UKEF).

As a result, they have introduced numerous new financial assistance programmes intended to aid and encourage British exporters. Companies that have already profited include iconic manufacturers like JCB and those that are new to export markets.

The UKEF Mission Statement highlights:

'Ensure That No Viable Uk Export Proposition Fails Due To A Lack Of Funding’

What do Exporters need to do to benefit?

To take advantage of the support initiatives, Exporters must understand which facility would best meet their specific needs and which bank or financial institution will most likely facilitate their requirements.

As export finance experts we are perfectly positioned to ensure that our clients have:

  1. Access to the available funding.
  2. Well-structured and commercially viable, bank grade propositions ready for submission to the facilitating banks.

Via our solid Trade Finance model, we believe this is the greatest ever opportunity for British Exporters.

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What Happens As A Result?

Identify your unique finance requirements

Build a qualifying lender ready proposal

Introduce to facilitating banks and UKEF

We provide our clients with the opportunity to use the financial leverage of their new Export Finance facility to project their business to another level.

Why Are We the Best at What We Do?

With Us, Take Your Export Business To New Heights

We provide our clients with the opportunity to use the financial leverage of their new Export Finance facility to project their business to another level.

Time To Stop Worrying About the Price Reduction Pressure from Prospects!

With Us, Take Your Export Business to New Heights

Our goal is to connect you as an exporter with funders and insurers so you can finance and insure your export receivables, and improve your cash conversion cycle at optimised rates. We provide various lending options to help you with your working capital financing needs.


As your Go To Export Finance Marketplace partners, we support your working capital finance needs through a range of funding options including:

Case Studies who have benefited from UKEF support

A Cambridge-based engineering firm has received support, enabling it to free up valuable cash and release financial pressure on its successful exporting business. The facility unlocked the capital they needed to proceed with several new export contracts.

A wholesaler based in Rochdale has secured a facility to help them plug the gap between buying products and getting paid by customers once they have been exported. Before receiving the support, they faced many challenges in managing cash flow while fulfilling orders.

An Essex-based beauty products manufacturer and supplier has increased its revenue due to support from UKEF. With 35% of sales already going to export markets in Europe, the USA and Canada, the company now plans to double that to 70%.

A Devon-based company has won UKEF support, enabling it to proceed with servicing orders from a significant new client in Bangladesh. The company has been operating for 45 years and exports around 80% of its products to customers worldwide.

One of our leading facilitating partners (a private bank with £380 billion on its balance sheet) is currently organising a £25 million facility which ensures that the exporter receives full payment on the Bill of Exchange whilst granting their customer the freedom of 120-day deferred terms.

We organised this for our client and walked their hand through the door of our partner bank (even though they turned over £120 million). Their house bank could not compete with (and/or even organise) the facility we structured for them.

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